Escape Room Props

Bells Prop 


Ring the bells in the correct sequence to open a drawer

60 x 13 cm - 5V  


€ 300 + shipping


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Escape Room Radio 


Plays 4 different message

20 x 15 cm - 5V  


€ 200 + shipping


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Crystal Ball Touch Prop 


Set the correct colors to trigger a maglock

50 x 12 cm - 12V  


€ 320 + shipping


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Puzzle with 5 paintings tiles


Brush on canvas effect 

Place tiles in correct place to trigger a maglock
50 x 15 cm - tiles 8 x 11 cm - 



€ 249 + shipping

Rising Pedestal Prop


Rising pedestal prop with four piece puzzle on top (customizable)


inner space h 16 x 20x20 cm

height 91cm - 30x30 cm -12V

€ 350,00 + shipping


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Steam Valves Prop


Turn the four valves to the right level to trigger the maglock
easily programmable anytime
45 x 45 cm  - 12V power supply

€ 350,00 + shipping

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Rotary Phone

Dial the correct number to listen a message


Up to 12 programmable records - mp3 file supported - 

Programmable from your phone, no app required

5V USB power supply (phone charger or power bank)

€ 170.00 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Magic Chest

Touch the four icon in the correct order to open the chest 
using a magic wand 
to open the chest 
battery powered - include:
USB charger, remote controller

40 x 19 x 22 cm
€ 320 + shipping


Draft Beer Taps


Pull the levers in the correct order to open the secret compartment - Programmable sequence - customizable logos
12V - 62 x 22 x 35h cm
€ 450 + shipping


Knock Knock Chest

Knock the right pattern to open it
Powered by rechargeable battery
Remote control included

Available in various models

from € 240,00 + shipping

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Vials Briefcase
31 x 20 x  11 cm 

Remotely trigger relay/maglock
Battery powered 

USB charger,12V receiver,  remote controller, 4 spare vials
350,00 + shipping

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Clue Player System

Send hints to the players, talk to them and listen (optional)

Old style (or customized for your room)
€ 320 + shipping


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Old Clock Prop


Move hands on two time settings to open the hidden compartment.
With sound 
80x35x12 cm - 12V
€ 500 + shipping


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Ouijia Board

35 x 25 x 3 cm 5V 

Oujia light board + 2 planchette + USB charger

€ 350,00 + shipping

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Escape Room prop can remotely trigger maglock or lights
-12x8 cm wood
-6 wheels, 10 positions
-1.000.000 combinations
-battery powered 12 volt
-10x10 cm PVC box
-12 Volt
-NO NC output
€ 330,00 + shipping  (USA € 45, Europe € 25)


video on YouTube

Ticket Validator


Ticket Validator Prop RFID 

trigger a maglock with correct ticket

20 x 15 x 5 cm 3 RFID card included

12 V - NO/NC output

€ 220,00 + shipping 

Balance Board


Lead the ball through the 5 bridges to trigger a maglock

75 x 75 x 15 cm - 12V - NO/NC output

Fully customizable

€ 650,00 + shipping


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Alphabet puzzle prop


Enter the right word to trigger a maglock

Customizable Arrows 80 x 19 x 5 cm

€ 350,00 + shipping


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Escape Room Phone


Dial the correct number to listen a message

Double message for multilingual room

8 digit programmable phone - mp3 message file

uploaded from a Windows PC

5V power supply (phone charger or power bank)

€ 149.00 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Stranger Things Light System


Fully programmable Light System
for Stranger Things escape room theme
Distance between bulbs 24 cm
USB Power supply 
€ 190,00 + shipping

Touch Prop


Tap the right sequence to trigger a maglock 

50 x 14 x 3 cm 12V NO/NC output

*Shape on your request 


€ 250,00 + shipping


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Lantern Prop


5 Lanterns Escape Room Puzzle

Turn lanterns off in the right sequence to activate Maglock or lights

12V - NO/NC output


€ 350,00 + shipping

Video on YouTube

Fuse Prop


Insert the 5 fuses in the correct order to trigger a maglock

12V - NO/NC output


€ 300,00 + shipping

Wireless Chessboard


Wireless chessboard
Place the pawns in the right place to trigger a maglock
- 12V long life battery - 35x35 cm Receiver 5x5 cm - 12V
€ 180 + shipping

Vintage Kitchen Scale


Vintage kitchen scale If the weight is right, the front panel will open

- maximum load 3 Kg

- height 33 cm

- power supply 12 V

The supplied remote control allows you to save the weight, reset the scale or open it manually


€ 350 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Wall clock

Wireless Wall Clock


Set the clock hands to trigger a maglock
12V - No/Nc output
Cusomizable design


€ 200 + shipping


video on YouTube

Octagon Puzzle

Octagon Puzzle

Install a statue on octagonal blocks or customize them as you like.
Trigger maglock, lights and more
98304 combinations

12V (not included) - No/Nc output
50 x 14 x 3 cm. - natural wood


€ 180 + shipping


Morse code prop


Heavy aluminum panel. Insert the right sequence, pull the lever and read morse code.

2 turtle lamps included
12 Vdc (not included)


€ 330 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Secret Key 2.0

Secret Key 2.0


Enter a 4 digit code to get the key

12 Vdc (not included)




Video on  YouTube

4 block prop

4 block puzzle


Put 4 block in right position to activate system

No/Nc output
5 Vdc (not included)

MagLock not included




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Book Puzzle


Escape Room Book Prop
Put 4 books in correct place
Handmade old style real books
Custmizable cover, ecoskin black or brown
Nc/No output
Supply 5 Vdc (phone charger, not included)
€ 300 + shipping RFID Version

Help request system

Escape room help request system for three rooms
1 control panel for three rooms 15 x 10 cm
3 push button 10 x 10 cm
3 light panels 20 x 8 cm

$ Not Avaible


Video on YouTube

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