Escape Room Props

The Matrix Game


Players will need to input 4 sets of coordinates

50 x 40 x 10 cm -12V  


€ 400 + shipping


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Bells Prop 


Ring the bells in the correct sequence to open a drawer

60 x 13 cm - 5V  


€ 300 + shipping


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Escape Room Radio 


Plays 4 different message

20 x 15 cm - 5V  


€ 200 + shipping


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Crystal Ball Touch Prop 


Set the correct colors to trigger a maglock

50 x 12 cm - 12V  


€ 320 + shipping


Video on Youtube

Puzzle with 5 paintings tiles


Brush on canvas effect 

Place tiles in correct place to trigger a maglock
50 x 15 cm - tiles 8 x 11 cm - 



€ 249 + shipping

Rising Pedestal Prop


Rising pedestal prop with four piece puzzle on top (customizable)


inner space h 16 x 20x20 cm

height 91cm - 30x30 cm -12V

€ 350,00 + shipping


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Steam Valves Prop


Turn the four valves to the right level to trigger the maglock
easily programmable anytime
45 x 45 cm  - 12V power supply

€ 350,00 + shipping

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Rotary Phone

Dial the correct number to listen a message


Up to 12 programmable records - mp3 file supported - 

Programmable from your phone, no app required

5V USB power supply (phone charger or power bank)

€ 170.00 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Magic Chest

Touch the four icon in the correct order to open the chest 
using a magic wand 
to open the chest 
battery powered - include:
USB charger, remote controller

40 x 19 x 22 cm
€ 320 + shipping


Draft Beer Taps


Pull the levers in the correct order to open the secret compartment - Programmable sequence - customizable logos
12V - 62 x 22 x 35h cm
€ 450 + shipping


Knock Knock Chest

Knock the right pattern to open it
Powered by rechargeable battery
Remote control included

Available in various models

from € 240,00 + shipping

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Vials Briefcase
31 x 20 x  11 cm 

Remotely trigger relay/maglock
Battery powered 

USB charger,12V receiver,  remote controller, 4 spare vials
350,00 + shipping

Video on Youtube

Clue Player System

Send hints to the players, talk to them and listen (optional)

Old style (or customized for your room)


No longer available


Video on Youtube

Old Clock Prop


Move hands on two time settings to open the hidden compartment.
With sound 
80x35x12 cm - 12V
€ 500 + shipping


Video on Youtube

Ouijia Board

35 x 25 x 3 cm 5V 

Oujia light board + 2 planchette + USB charger

€ 350,00 + shipping

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Escape Room prop can remotely trigger maglock or lights
-12x8 cm wood
-6 wheels, 10 positions
-1.000.000 combinations
-battery powered 12 volt
-10x10 cm PVC box
-12 Volt
-NO NC output
€ 330,00 + shipping  (USA € 45, Europe € 25)


video on YouTube

Ticket Validator


Ticket Validator Prop RFID 

trigger a maglock with correct ticket

20 x 15 x 5 cm 3 RFID card included

12 V - NO/NC output

€ 220,00 + shipping 

Balance Board


Lead the ball through the 5 bridges to trigger a maglock

75 x 75 x 15 cm - 12V - NO/NC output

Fully customizable

€ 650,00 + shipping


Video on Youtube

Alphabet puzzle prop


Enter the right word to trigger a maglock

Customizable Arrows 80 x 19 x 5 cm

€ 350,00 + shipping


Video on Youtube


Escape Room Phone


Dial the correct number to listen a message

Double message for multilingual room

8 digit programmable phone - mp3 message file

uploaded from a Windows PC

5V power supply (phone charger or power bank)

€ 149.00 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Stranger Things Light System


Fully programmable Light System
for Stranger Things escape room theme
Distance between bulbs 24 cm
USB Power supply 
€ 190,00 + shipping

Touch Prop


Tap the right sequence to trigger a maglock 

50 x 14 x 3 cm 12V NO/NC output

*Shape on your request 


€ 250,00 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Lantern Prop


5 Lanterns Escape Room Puzzle

Turn lanterns off in the right sequence to activate Maglock or lights

12V - NO/NC output


€ 350,00 + shipping

Video on YouTube

Fuse Prop


Insert the 5 fuses in the correct order to trigger a maglock

12V - NO/NC output


€ 300,00 + shipping

Wireless Chessboard


Wireless chessboard
Place the pawns in the right place to trigger a maglock
- 12V long life battery - 35x35 cm Receiver 5x5 cm - 12V
€ 180 + shipping

Vintage Kitchen Scale


Vintage kitchen scale If the weight is right, the front panel will open

- maximum load 3 Kg

- height 33 cm

- power supply 12 V

The supplied remote control allows you to save the weight, reset the scale or open it manually


€ 350 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Wall clock

Wireless Wall Clock


Set the clock hands to trigger a maglock
12V - No/Nc output
Cusomizable design


€ 200 + shipping


video on YouTube

Octagon Puzzle

Octagon Puzzle

Install a statue on octagonal blocks or customize them as you like.
Trigger maglock, lights and more
98304 combinations

12V (not included) - No/Nc output
50 x 14 x 3 cm. - natural wood


€ 180 + shipping


Morse code prop


Heavy aluminum panel. Insert the right sequence, pull the lever and read morse code.

2 turtle lamps included
12 Vdc (not included)


€ 330 + shipping


Video on YouTube

Secret Key 2.0

Secret Key 2.0


Enter a 4 digit code to get the key

12 Vdc (not included)




Video on  YouTube

4 block prop

4 block puzzle


Put 4 block in right position to activate system

No/Nc output
5 Vdc (not included)

MagLock not included




Video on YouTube

Book Puzzle


Escape Room Book Prop
Put 4 books in correct place
Handmade old style real books
Custmizable cover, ecoskin black or brown
Nc/No output
Supply 5 Vdc (phone charger, not included)
€ 300 + shipping RFID Version

Help request system

Escape room help request system for three rooms
1 control panel for three rooms 15 x 10 cm
3 push button 10 x 10 cm
3 light panels 20 x 8 cm

$ Not Avaible


Video on YouTube

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